Micro Focus Space at Accenture Liquid Studio Is Now Open

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Micro Focus Liquid

The partnership between Micro Focus and Accenture, which has been ongoing for over 28 years, has taken a new step forward. In July 2019, Accenture opened a new space dedicated to Micro Focus in its Liquid Studio, where it showcases the four Micro Focus business areas.

This 28-year alliance includes over 2,000 joint customers. Accenture’s Liquid Studio enables them to explore, learn, collaborate, develop, and apply assets and solutions to specific technology projects of any industry and adapted to specific business or IT results.

This space enables companies to accelerate innovation and develop new businesses based on state-of-the-art technologies that are quick to implement. This technological center represents clients and hubs of different technologies simultaneously in an environment of flexible and "liquid" evolution.

Both Accenture and Micro Focus share a vision of their alliance, focused on intelligent operations, liquid application services, intelligent security, and modernization of applications.

Their goal, as preferred service partners, is a unique go-to-market strategy that focuses on the CIO. In fact, more than 35,000 Accenture personnel have been trained on Micro Focus solutions. "We fit in perfectly," said Pedro Soldado, VP, South Region of Micro Focus—who highlighted the organization’s role as the most relevant player in the market. "We are the second Software Company in Europe and the first IT Management Software Company.”

The Liquid Studio space is an example of the importance that both companies place on alliances, which was noted during the presentation by Mercedes Oblanca, Accenture Technology Iberia lead: "For Accenture, leading technology partners are absolutely critical. We have worked to bring our technology vision to how Micro Focus is going to be a driver of the IT-driven paradigm shift.”

One of the key elements of the Micro Focus space in Accenture's Liquid Studio is "Lego City," a model created to explain the Micro Focus strategy for business success.

"Lego City"

In addition to Mercedes Oblanca and Pedro Soldado, other Micro Focus personnel who attended the inauguration event included Pedro Lopes, Managing Director, Intelligent Software Engineering Services Iberia and Juan Vilanova, Director of Madrid Liquid Studio.

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